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Videos from a Vancouver to Hawaii Cruise

Our first and recent, 6 days, cruise from Vancouver, Canada to Honolulu Hawaii was a blast in many ways. Here are the 15 videos we shot as a playlist on YouTube and as a series of individual videos.

1. We had quite a bit of time before the cruiseship left the port and as we wandered around we noticed the hydroplanes departing one after the other. We captured one as much as we could from the distance. Check it out, a scene we never saw in our naive Hungary. (Soundtrack for this video is “Departure Lounge” by Keshco.)

2. As we were leaving the port of Canada I wanted to set up the camera to do a time-lapse of the process. As it was raining we mostly stayed inside the restaurant on the 9th floor of the cruise. Having the camera not focusing on the outside, but on the window itself the water drops are sharp, while the blurry world washes away behind it. The music I selected to accompany it is “Too mutch water” by Cavallo Pazzo.

3. Keoni Manuel was the head of the Hawaiian cultural ambassadors, who provided teachings, entertainment and spirituality on board. In this video he blessed the get together / performance.

4. – 6. The ambassadors performed hula dances and songs, including “Waikoloa“, “Haleakala” and “Somewhere over the rainbow / What a wonderful world“.

7. – 9. They also taught some of the more adventurous passengers to play the ukulele or hula dancing. The newly minted musicians first performed “Tiny bubbles”, then the dancers joined them for “My Little Grass Shack” and “Huki Lau“. (In yellow/red sarong up front is Mari.)

10. The ambassadors closed the first half of the evening with “Sweetheart Aloha“.

11. – 14. At this point the evening was far from over despite the late hour. Most of the crew of the cruise was from Indonesia. They had put together several songs and dances, out of which I only managed to capture four. First they performed a traditional dance/movement folk song called “Dance of thousand hands“. On the next one a few rock musicians played an apparently famous love song, I think, titled Lucia. Then they asked for audience participation so as many people could play with the angklung as many instruments they had. They closed the evening with an anthem-like song for which all the crew members who performed in any of the songs/plays previously participated.

15. As the cruise ship pulled into Honolulu’s port, the cultural ambassadors greeted their homeland and welcomed us, visitors, with a blessing, songs and dances.

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