Videos of the fantastic light(ed) shows in Napa, California
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Videos of the fantastic light(ed) shows in Napa, California

We were so happy that we managed to catch the last night of the week long Napa Lighted Art Festival.  During this event every evening there were light show projections at about 13 locations in Napa on to the walls of various buildings.Halfway through our evening  we sat down and had a hot coco to warm ourselves up, but even with its help we only managed to check out seven of these because of the chilly weather. My daughter’s favorite one was the last one which contained art by children from around the world. These images were definitely less abstract/modern, while at most of the other locations we marveled at unfolding of amazing 2D and 3D geometric patterns. The one exception from these was the show projected onto a church, which combined those with majestic nature scenes.

I shot almost half an hour of these lights shows altogether. I recommend watching the short version, which is just over a two minutes. In it I collected my favorite 2-4 second segments of the whole evening.

Per my daughter’s request here is her favorite segment, uncut, which has images created by children.

Finally, if you are so inclined, here is the long version with all the usable footage I have. If you want to skip ahead in this video the new sections/new buildings starts at 6:21, 10:28, 17:11, 18:28, 18:42, 20:17.

I want to go next year again. You would want too. Meanwhile check out the event’s website, that lists all the artists (and sponsors, which is just as important!) involved in making this happen.


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