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7 songs/videos of Saint Ephraim Male Choir’s concert from Budapest

It was an amazing experience to listen to the 40-minute program of the Saint Ephraim Male Choir on Friday, October 16 at Gutenberg Square in Budapest as part of the 3rd Walk Festival organized by Mazsike (“Magyar Zsidó Kulturális Egyesület” / Hungarian Jewish Cultural Association) . I recorded most of the songs they sang, even though it was pretty dark and they sang without lighting outdoors. But how beautiful and varied they sang. Each song was also introduced – briefly, dynamically, entertainingly – so the audience of about 100 managed to learn about their background. I didn’t record those intros, I’d rather you go to their concerts, and/or buy/stream their record. Here are the seven songs one by one or on a playlist.

1 – Alfonso X el Sabio: Santa Maria amar

2 – Mizmor Le David Ha’Melech – Song for King David

3 – Gospodi pomiluj / Lord have mercy

4 – Béla Bartók: Four Old Hungarian Folk Songs

5 – Kae Le Kae – Sotho Gospel

6 – Ragupathi Raghav Raja Ram

7 – Pandemic (Based on Fonográf’s Viktória)


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